Tree House

Yesterday while driving around the neighborhood we want to buy a house in I saw something shining in the trees. It was quite curious, so I pulled the car over and the kids and I went to investigate what was in there. Up a little path, through the brush and we found this!

A super fun tree house. The kids were so excited, so was I! Who built this? Why is it still hear? The munchkins played till they were ready to pass out. It was so funny, right there in the middle of the desert, a tree house. We for sure will be coming back to this gem in the sand.

Did you have a tree house, or a fort as a kid? I used to love tying ropes from limbs and making tree forts like Tarzan when I was young. I loved climbing trees, nothing was more fun then reaching the top!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, I am off to do more house hunting... The never ending journey to find the "right" place.

Ta Ta for now



Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool tree house.

Mom24 said...

That's awesome! I can't imagine being able to build something like that.

kate said...

Oh wow! THta is awesome! Yes, we had a ton of forts and such growing up... we used to collect acorns and other seeds and leave them in our forts during the winter for the squirels! We would also spend hours creating forts on the cliffs at the beach near our house. We would use drift wood and rocks to make walls etc...so many fun memories! Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

that is an awesome tree house! we never had one growing up, but my kids built one with their grandpa a few years ago!! We also love ourselves a tree swing!! SPRING, SPRING, WE WANT SPRING!!! ;)

Kelsey said...

How cute is that?! That's awesome that you found that.
I never had a treehouse, but I had a swing set and I used to LOVE hanging off the trapeze rings and flipping myself around and around for hours.

American in Norway said...

Hope you have a great weekend!