Sunday Signspotting: week twenty four

Good morning everyone! I had a great sleep, both my munchkins were snuggled up with me in bed and I was even able to sleep in :) Also, The Arizona Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers last night which means I am going to get a clean house! My hubby and I like to make friendly bets on football games sometimes, and my team pick won, yeah me! My dad wanted to be part of the signspotting mumbo jumbo and e-mailed me this gem below (obviously photoshopped at the end) be sure to read it all the way. Have a great week everyone!

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i just put them here for your viewing pleasure.)

All images used with permission of signspotting.com

They are obviously worried about the influence of JK Rowling on their flock

No dictator-style speeches, no walking rocking-dogs, no prancing around in your underwear... Really, what are you allowed to do at the fortress?

A great way to make tourists feel really welcome...

A liberal approach to drugs trafficking.

What to buy for those people who already have everything.

(it says "Car Park Full") Is the car park full or half empty?

No open tin cans, No parking bikes on cars, No disco dancing, No swimming, No stick waving...FUN!

Ta Ta for now



Anonymous said...

viagra-the perfect gift. Why didn't I think that?! And it's even on sale!

jen said...

Perhaps the sign with the stick waving was put up by the church against Harry Potter and it means no magic?

These always make my day.

By the way, Beauty That Moves has a great post up about meeting Jason Mraz.


Anonymous said...

Tell your hubby if he doesn't post tomorrow he's risking Lizzie being shunned from the blogging community.

(just kidding! :) Good luck!