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Our family has been on a roller coaster ride dealing with the crazy housing market. There are wonderful advantages to buying while the market is so low, but there are also many disadvantages when dealing with banks and new guidelines. If you'd like to read about our recent hiatus head on over to Homemaking Hullabaloo.

Today was quite an adventure driving all over the West Valley of Phoenix house hunting. The mini munchkin did so good being carted from place to place. My hubby and I headed up to a place called "Estrella Mountain Ranch" and saw this in the middle of the desert:

I was very impressed with this community. *sigh* It's so hard to find the perfect home, but I know it's out there. Hope you all have a super day!

Ta Ta for now



Jennifer P. said...

I have no problem finding "perfect homes"--I find them everywhere! Now, paying for them--THAT is a different story :)....

Mom24 said...

I'm confused, I thought you were building? Anyway, I agree, I can find perfect homes, there just in the wrong places or I can't afford them.