30 Days About Me (10 Years Ago & Now)

Today's prompt is a picture of you 10 years ago and a picture of you today. This is perfect because it is almost my wedding anniversary (August 17) and even though it was 9 years ago, I am going to use this anyway :) I'm sure no one will mind. 

And here we are a decade later, still going strong. This man can drive me crazy like no other, and yet he can love me like no other in that same instant. 

Wow, it really doesn't seem like that long. All the changes that have taken place, all the things that have stayed the same. One last treat, me in High School(junior year I think) AHHH SCARY! 

It was nice reflecting today. Now I feel old!

30 Days About Me

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...


kimert said...

I LOVE to look back at "old" pics and then see pics from now. Nice little walk down memory lane! You look great! Congrats on all those years together!

ashley b said...

congrats on your wedding anniversary! you guys still look great. and i love how you describe your relationship. nobody can get under my skin like the hubby but then i wouldn't trade him in for anything. happy soon to be anniversary!

Kerry said...

Happy Anniversary for the 17th! Lovely pics.

Kerry via 30 Days x

Alicia said...

You look fabulous! I love the pictures. Congrats on the anniversary :)

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary! :) I love your long wedding veil!

Martha in PA said...

Sweet pics. Happy Anniversary!

Mom on Caffeine