30 Days About Me (Day 2)

Favorite Movie...

This may be easier then favorite music, maybe.

In high school it would have been Top Gun, I loved this movie! (Still do actually. I make my munchkins watch it so they too can appreciate good cinema, ha ha). 

Now later on down the road my favorite movie jumps around a bit (just like music) But I tend to stay loyal to them for long periods of time :) 

Here you go, in no particular order: 

I LOVE Jane Austen, every book & movie adaptation is just wonderful! So of course I had to add Pride & Prejudice to my top movies. (And Mansfield Park, Sense & Sensibility, etc.) 


Then the food revolution/hippy in me can't get enough of Food, Inc. I preach about it every chance I get! This movie changed the way I look at food forever. 


The classic love story or Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. This movie makes my heart happy, and it never gets old. "Hello My Lover!"


And last, but not least my 4 special friends who taught me so much about life, Sex And The City 2


This is no way is a complete list, just a few I enjoy at all times. Mostly my days are filled with animated shows on Nick and Disney, but every now and then I get a second to myself to indulge in some grown-up entertainment.

What's your favorite movie?

Tomorrows topic: Favorite Television Show

30 Days About Me

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time... 


Mom24 said...

I don't think you can ever be the same after seeing Food, Inc. It definitely changed how I look at things as well.

Love Top Gun!

Cyn said...

Top Gun is iconic!

I haven't seen Food, Inc, but I'm already a vegetarian with vegan tendencies, so it's probably right up my alley.

(Stopping by from 30 Days about Me)

~Lori~ said...

I still need to see Food Inc. I have it on my DVR.

LOVE Top Gun! Tom Cruise was great before he went all love crazy.

Keonte' S said...

Every time I see someone else list their movies, I'm reminded just how much I love those same titles. I definitely can watch Sex and the City over and over again.

Full Price? NEVER! said...

Ahh Robin Hood! I loved that movie... I want to watch it right now!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Great list of movies.. though I've never seen any of Sex in the City..

I was just watching the volleyball scene from Top Gun this weekend on our new Tv. WOOOO wee.. in high resolution... Very nice. LOL.

Stopping by via the 30 Days about me!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

OOps. I forgot to say that I REALLY liked the Food Inc. movie too. Very eye opening..
Food Matters is another good one too, if you haven't seen it..

Willo said...

Do you prefer Sex in the City 2 over the first? I have to admit, I was amazed that they could do another so well.

Kerry said...

I havent seen Food Inc! Have put it on my list to do :) Oh EVERY girl has to love Sex in the City.. Awesome.

Stopping by via 30 Days About Me!

chili pepper said...

LOVE Jane Austen. But I would have to say Emma, Sense and Sensibility and then Pride and Prejudice. We recently discovered Cranford by the BBC. Have you seen those? They are along the Jane Austen line and quite entertaining.


Anonymous said...

If you love P&P and you haven't seen the A&E version yet (okay, okay -- it's the one with Colin Firth) check it out as soon as you can. I suspect it will replace the Keira Knightley version in an instant. You just can't do justice to Austen in two hours.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Food Inc. was certainly an eye opener for me, too!

Farrah said...

Robin Hood and Pride & Prejudice definitely!

We've posted our choices here: http://farrah.tbfreviews.net/2011/08/30-days-of-me-sing-dance-or-woo-us/

Becca said...

Wow, I haven't seen a single movie on your list, but I would be thrilled to see any of them! I picked multiple favorites as well :)

Carissa said...

So funny Top Gun story from just two weeks ago...we re at my 5 year old nieces birthday party and her dad turns on the tv, I assume to some princess movie, wrong he was turning on Top Gun so he could show off his sound system' I though the plane in the beginning was landing on the house and he woke a baby from a nap..until then I forgot about how great that movie was :) Great choices!

Toni said...

Ohhhh Top Gun LOVE that movie.

Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly said...

Top Gun goes on my top list as well! <3 Top Gun!