How Do You Shop?

Today the kids and I did one of my favorite things, grocery shopping! No not that kind of grocery shopping, this kind...

We are welcomed by chatty greeters at the door ("welcome to the farm!")

Sometimes it is a little crowded with families near the entrance (we "moo" as we go by)

Easy to read signs lead the way (there's a very sweet sheep dog hiding under that ramp)

Sweet smells and beautiful things are everywhere (organic produce creates such vibrant colors)

We select the freshest produce (there's so much to choose from I have to restrict myself)

Imagine the things we can create (oats, barley and homemade granola)

Fully stocked shelves (I love fresh honey!)

There are often items I want to buy yet have no clue what to do with (homemade wool yarn, if only I could knit)

Friendly check out folks (Charlie the farmer, who is so fun to chat with whenever we come by)

Affordable neighborhood prices (you'd be shocked at how cheap eating local can be. Oh and see those green things on the left? Fresh homegrown figs set out to try, YUM!)

As we leave we are stared at in the parking lot by others (they were very chatty today as well "Baa, Baa, Baa, Baa") 

We head home with or goodies in tow (windows down, country music on the radio and happy kids)

Now that is what I call a grocery shopping trip :) Please support your local farmer. Stop by and see what they have, you'll be pleasantly surprised at all the yummy good things that await you. 

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time... 


American in Norway said...

Oh that looks so nice! I am sure the kiddos really enjoyed it! :-)

Kate said...

Liz, that is so awesome! I love that you bring your kids along and expose them to such neat things in life!

chili pepper said...

This is so my kind of shopping! Otherwise, I avoid it at all costs.



Tina said...

I think I'd really enjoy this kind of shopping......as far as the other kind, I'm not so fond of it. Love to cook, but seem to never have enough time (or money). Love all your pictures!

Melissa said...

Now that's my kinda shopping too!
We have a lot of Amish folk around here with a store just a few miles from home....LOVE it!

ModernMom said...

How great to be able toshop so close to where food REALLY comes from :)