Spinning In Circles

What a week! First off let me thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement as I got back on track with my workout routine :) Oh and I apologize for all the people I scared with my last post, really, I had no idea you were all so... so... WIMPY! ha ha


This week my munchkins stared school. It was bitter sweet. For the first time ever both my babies are in all day school. They both did great on their first day, I am so proud of them. One super cool thing about them both being in school now is MONDAYS! I know, I know... most people don't like Monday, but guess what? My hubby doesn't work that day so for the first time in who knows how many years we get to have a day together... Alone! We plan on making a weekly tradition to spend that day together doing something fun :)


On a totally unrelated and slightly gross note. My cute little puppy, Jackson, has a disgusting new habit that I can not break him of. No matter what I do this whacked out dog keeps doing it! I need help people, any advice you have of making him STOP this behavior would be greatly appreciated. He has acquired a taste for the unusual. I can't get him to stop eating this no matter what I do! Prepare yourself, it isn't pretty...

Yeah, He's eating his own poop. I have no idea what is wrong with him. What's even worse is he loves to give kisses. OK, say it with me "EeeWwww" Needless to say, the munchkins have been washing their faces quite a bit these days.


Now onto happier, less yucky topics. August 6th my sweet mini-munchkin turns 5! I love when my kids have a birthday, it gives me a reason to be all goofy and silly with them :) We will be having a simple little family night. She has picked out her birthday meal (Hot Dogs with Cheetos) and her presents are waiting to be ripped to shreds. Saturday we are going to the local Children's Museum to celebrate.

Wow, I no longer have little babies, I am shocked they really did grow up too fast. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I'm off to watch my DVR recordings of "Shark Week" yeah!!!

*Oh yeah also, if anyone has a good recommendation for reusable snack bags for my kids lunches please please let me know!!! I have looked on Etsy, but there are so many i have no clue which have been tried and true. Thanks all :)

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...



blueviolet said...

Hotdogs and cheetos? LOL

Your kids are holding hands, be still my heart.

Your dog needs therapy.

I really love when people don't clip their boxers' ears. I think they're even cuter with the floppy look.

He & Me + 3 said...

We still have another month of summer here. Seems so weird seeing kids going back to school already. Cute picture. Love how they are holding hands. THey are precious.
Gross about the puppy poop.
Enjoy your Mondays!

Kelsey said...

Wow the kids are back in school already!?!? That's insane. They look like they're happy to be back though.

Thats awesome about your Mondays! Have fun.

Happy Birthday to your "baby"! She's adorable!

valentine said...

wow, you're kids start school early.

i always loved when my b-day came around, i got to pick what i wanted for dinner and my siblings couldn't complain. i loved it.

Scary Mommy said...

OK, I'm moving to wherever you live-- school already?!!!!

(And, my dog went through a poop eating phase too. Lovely.)

Carrie said...

Oh, back to school! My kids start next Friday! I love the picture, they look ready to go! And...our dog has always eaten his poop, I guess we're used to it, it's just what he does...if I catch him, I make him stop, but otherwise...yummo for him! LOL! The vet told us it's normal, and it just tastes like their food, gross! I think the name for this behaviour is called copraphagia. We tried to use a powder on his food that was supposed to make his poop taste bad, but it didn't seem to work for us! Good luck! He's still cute :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Awwww! They're so stinkin' CUTE! :)

Princess Nagger goes back to school 2 weeks from today...she'll be in first grade, so she'll be gone all day this year, too. They grow way too fast! :)

I love it that your munchkin chose hot dogs and cheetos for her birthday dinner! Princess Nagger's favorite next to pizza! :)

What is it with dogs eating their poop? As far as I know ours doesn't do it, but now I'm going to be wary of doggie kisses... ;)

Martha in PA said...

Happy belated birthday to mini-munchkin!

Dogs eating poop.... neither of our dogs would eat dog poop, now that is just wrong, but they would indulge from time to time on cat poop from the litter box, because well, that's just extra crunchy with the litter stuck to it... Maia the yorkie was really bad about it, and Princess gets the urge from time to time - ewwwww!

E @ Scottsville said...

Yea, they surely do grow up wayyyy too fast! My baby is going to be TEN in October. I won't have any in single digits anymore! =0(

All big kids now. It makes me sad!!!

Yea, your dog is gross. No doubt about it! Good luck with that one. =0)

Patty Reiser said...

Desert Greetings Lizzie,

Let me begin by wishing your daughter a most wonderful birthday!

As for your puppy's gross habit, I have a dachshund who grabs deposits from the cat box. I just try to reprimand her whenever I catch her doing it. This seems to have worked for me. She also licks herself a lot so I have learned and we try to teach her not to give doggie kisses.

Wishing you a scent-sational day!

Cherie said...

That is SO great that you and your husband get Mondays! How awesome is that!!!!
Kids do grow up way too fast! You just wish they could stay little forever. Your kids look so cute all ready for their first day of school - that is always such a fun day (even if it can be a little sad for moms).
And YES some of us ARE wimps! ha ha don't rub it in!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh my Lizzie you make me laugh! That little doggie of yours...well, he's just being himself! ewww is right! Oh and woo hoo to you guys for Monday's!!! Wow that'll be so good for you two! Have a great week-end Lizzie!

valentine said...

i can't believe people were scared of that shark. LOL

you have an award over at our blog. stop by to pick it up.

Shannon said...

I just purchased some reusable snack bags from resnackit.com and they are so cute! Haven't had a chance to use them yet... but they have many dofferent patters to choose from and they come in snack size or sandwich size. I let my girls pick a few out to use in their lunches this year... they can't wait to use them!

Anonymous said...

try these etsy shops:


and cottontopquilts (though her shop is currently shut while she catches up on orders)

i loved what i got from both of them. nice quality and really cute prints.

Anonymous said...

try these etsy shops:


and cottontopquilts (though her shop is currently shut while she catches up on orders)

i loved what i got from both of them. nice quality and really cute prints.