Wired On Diet Pepsi Randomness

I thought I would share some random hoopla because I have had too much caffeine this morning and can't seem to get my mind to stay on one subject (is it just me??)


My mini-munchkin started gymnastics this week. I am THRILLED. When we first got to AZ she didn't want to do it anymore. Out of nowhere last week "mama, can i do gymnastics again?" YES!!!

Unfortunately I do not like the studio I signed her up with. She knows her stuff, even though she's 5, she's had over a year of training. This class was a bunch of kids goofing off, jumping on trampolines, etc. The coaches didn't even show them proper technique?!?! I know I sound like such a whack job, but I paid for lessons, not "happy fun time." I will be looking into other options.


Football is going well, we are planning the football opening game jamboree right now. What's that you ask? It's like a carnival with football scrimmages being played at the same time. It also means I will be manning our teams booth, hopefully other moms will help so I don't get stuck doing it the entire time!

My son picked the #12 this year because it was my hubby's old football number. How cute is that?


Did you know I have 3 tattoos (well, technically 4 because one was covered up) and I love them all.

Yes each one has a "story" or meaning. blah blah blah, I'm sure no one is that interested. Did they hurt? I say no, but everyone is different. YES I want more. 2 actually, on my sides. A Gladiolus on my right side and a Daffodil on my left. These are the flowers for the months my kids were born. I am still working on bribing my hubby into letting me get them. (Sorry mom!)


Why can't people put their shopping carts away when they are at the grocery store? Is it really that hard to walk 20 feet and put it away in the little cart return slot? Every time I go to the grocery store I am forced to park in the South 40 because every spot close to the door is occupied by some shopping cart a lazy person couldn't put away!!! *ggrrrr*


I have been obsessed with folk music lately. Damien Rice has been on my iPod non stop this week. Not sure what it is about Irish Folk singers that make me get all OCD and download all their songs. Darn them.

Here Have a listen:
(don't forget to pause the music player in the upper right of this blog)


It's still hot in Arizona. I miss trees, water, being outside...


Weight loss, slow going but still going :) I am loving my kick boxing class. It is the only work out that works my back. I like putting on my boxing gloves and getting all my aggression out. And of course they are pink boxing gloves. My grandfather used to box, he'd be proud.


Well, I think my caffeine is wearing off (OH NO!) I am off to slice a million lemons for a Bunco fundraiser tonight. We're raising money for Relay For Life and guess what the chick who can't cook was asked to bring? Yup, lemons for the drinks. Perfect. So if you happen to be in the Phoenix area and want to support a good cause shoot me an e-mail or if you are not in the area you can donate! Just click the picture for more info.

I hope you all have a fabulous, wonderful weekend. Sorry for the long rambling post. Goodness, I just looked at how much I typed, sorry!!!

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...




blueviolet said...

I thought gymnastics places did a skill assessment in the beginning. You're right to look elsewhere.

My daughter has 3 tattoos but really 2 because the last one covered up her first one. She wants more as well. She has one on the outside of her leg and a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE one on her back. I saw it when it was outlined but I haven't seen it since it was colored in. I'll see it in 2 weeks. And like you, it all has significance to her (and I think that's how tats should be)

The shopping cart thing makes me crazy too. I love when the loose ones come flying into my car. Thanks, people.

kimert said...

I love reading randoms!!! :)

Good luck with the football jamboree! Hey, email me I have some Bunco ???s for you!

Tammy Howard said...

Your tats are preeeeetty!!! I, for one, would love to hear the stories behind them, as well as what was covered... Flowers on your sides? Only awesome.

Elizabeth said...

Right there with you on the shopping carts - I was leaving the grocery story yesterday, and a kind gentleman was offering me his cart (or so I thought). I'd just loaded the munchkin into the car, and actually someone had left their cart right behind my car (while I was putting him in the car!!) and this kind gentleman was trying to catch my attention so I wouldn't back into it. Lazy people!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, we've done the "Relay for Life" a few times. Goodness, we loved doing it, but by the next morning, we were all so tired, cranky, cold, and blistered....

But I do miss it, too.It sure is for a great cause!

I am Harriet said...

Wow! What a wonderful post!

Happy VGNO!

Kelly said...

When we lived in Phoenix, Starr and her best friend went to Phoenix Gymnastics and Dance Academy (Starr started with gymnastics and moved to dance), they loved it. It's been years since we were there, but I remember them being focused on technique. Good luck finding a good fit!

Have fun at your bunco event!!

Native American Momma said...

Happy VGNO and I totally thing that when you pay for structure there should be some

lov said...

so why did you cover up one of the tattoos?

robin said...

Cool! tats!
Love the randomness!
Happy GNO.

Reluctant Housewife said...

I really like your star tattoo!

I agree with you about the shopping carts... I wonder that, too.

I love kickboxing, too!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the random posts. I think it tells us exactly what is going on. I agree about the Gymnastics...if you are paying for the classes then they should teach them proper techniques and something. I also agree about the carts. Park next to the cart slot if you are to lazy to walk 20 feet.

Kris said...

I understand completely. When you pay for lessons you want lessons, not play time. They could do that at home without paying someone!

Mandala Michelle said...

So many things to comment on!! First, if you like Irish Folk Music you MUST listen to Scythian. Get there new live album- they are awesome. Gaelic Storm is also super.

Love the pink boxing gloves!

And you are not a whack job for wanting an actual lesson for your daughter. Gymnastics teachers have to know the proper technique, anything else is dangerous.

Hope you have a good one!

Kristen said...

Kick boxing? Damn girl I am impressed. And I'm not too sure about the tunes...but the singer is yummy :P

Happy VGNO!

Melissa said...

Unm yeah! Yummy! My speakers are broke so all I can do is see and that's not too bad! Good for you for looking into another class, and would love to know the stories behind your tats!

valentine said...

yeah, don't get why people can't put their carts away, i love aldi (when we lived by one) cuz you pay a quarter to get a cart, and get it back when you return the cart. that way, they do not pay people to get the carts and save money on law suits or damaged cars because of loose carts. it was brilliant.

Shop with Me Mama said...

Happy VGNO!

Elena said...

Random comments--

You hit on one of my pet peeves: What is it with people 'forgetting' to return their shopping carts to the right spot and instead leaving them in an available parking space, bumped against someone else's car, or up on a median which still prevents you from parking? Sheesh.

AZ is hot, hot, hot until about Oct, but then you get into the long, very mild 'winter'. I can't remember if you have gone through a winter in AZ yet. You'll enjoy it.

You are the tattoo queen.

Your weight loss has been inspiring to read and see. Good for you.

The previous ObamaCare post was swell!

Take care, Lizzie!

Gena said...

I would be ticked if I were paying for that class, too. I can take them to the park to play.
The football jamboree sounds fun! If you're anything like me, I usually get stuck by myself or with someone who talks more than she works.
Son sounds cute!
I hate the abandoned shopping carts, too.
Love the folk music. I actually use to write folklore. Fun! The Irish are just different. Love to hear them.
I'd love to try kickboxing.
Happy VGNO!

Tina said...

Please tell me what I can bribe you with not to get anymore tattoos!!!Money, vacations, inheritance.....You're going to kill your mother, you know that Dear!
Sorry the gym thing isn't what we'd hoped - you should be able to cancel and get your $ back. Keep looking.

KC said...

I hope the gymnastic thing works out, Glad football is going well. Did not know about your tattoos
and I have dents in my van from grocery carts UGH..
lovely pink boxing gloves..
I know you had way more randomness tossed in there but that is all my poor little brain can hold for the moment LOL..

Kathleen said...

My blog posts are always random ramblings...LOVE IT!
Love your page, it looks great! I love the book collage, mind if I put it one on my page?

re: Shopping Cart Etiquette: 98% of the time I return the cart to the return cage. There has been times I have only the baby with me and I'm in a rush and leave the cart. I put it at the corners of the spots if I can't put it up on a curb or something if I have to leave it. I never EVER leave it in the middle of a spot. So I'm quilty of some indiscretion! ;)

Shannon said...

My sister has several tattoos... I think she's up to 6 now. My brother has 2... my mom even has one! I have zero.

BUT my sis and I are getting together with about 12 other friends for a weekend getaway in November. And there's talk about everyone going to get tattooed... so we shall see!

Kat said...

We had our football jamboree this weekend too. I got to roll the bingo balls and pluck them out of the hopper :)

I am also on the process of designing my next tat AND it has t do with my kids too. We are too alike my friend!! lol Let me know which bribe works on your hubby.

kyooty said...

good luck with the fund raiser!

Kat said...

Oh I almost forgot. Try listening to "Enter the Haggis". They are my Irish folk obsession this past week

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Cute tattoos! I like the stars :) I never thought I would get a tattoo but when I lost my dad I got a turtle in his honor (long story) I asked the tattoo artist for a turtle with wings and he laughed because he thought my pet turtle died...lol It turned out great and even though I am terrified of needles it wasn't too bad!

I have a pic here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v51/tamaraw/turtlee1.jpg

Anonymous said...

I was a gymnast. I hope you find a more serious gym.

That is to cute he picked #12!

Martha in PA said...

Pink boxing gloves too cute! I wish I was in shape enough to kick box!

Bunco is fun. I played years ago a couple times and always wanted to play again!

I'm glad you did not hurt yourself cutting the lemons!

Love the tattoos, although I don't have any. My niece has several.

Penny Lane said...

Rambling is sometimes good for the soul. Get it all on paper, and it's no longer living in your brain, taking up precious space ;)

Those pink gloves are the cutest! I want some! Where did you find them?

Your tats are pretty. I would love one with my hubby's name and some Irish shamrocks on my hip, but I'm a chicken.