Worn Out

Today was full of fun. Joe was off work so we decided to play. After sleeping in (well, I was up at 6am with the kids, technically Joe slept in.) We got up and went out to Ruby Tuesdays for an early lunch then headed over to a family fun park about 30 minutes from our house. Miniature Golf, Go-Cart Races, and a nice Arcade. Audrey found a game that she won over 400 tickets on!! I couldn't do that if I tried! So after paying an arm and a leg the kids were able to cash in their tickets for two tiny Slinky's, WOW! What a deal! Never mind we could have gone to Target and paid $1 for the same slinky. Nope, you have to spend $15 per kid to get it with TICKETS! Joe and Zane lapped Audrey and I on the Go-Cart races (us girls let the boys win, ha ha.)

Then it was back home to finish a few loads of laundry and hop in the pool (Thank you Joe for letting our family put that in last summer!)

So now it's night time and Daddy and Son are playing video games together. Audrey is sitting in my lap ready to lay with mommy in our bed. It was a great day at our house. I really hope this job search works out. What The kids and I wouldn't give to see Joe more often. So keep those fingers crossed people! I hope you all had a nice relaxing Saturday.

Ta Ta for now


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