Nerves In A Dentist Chair

  Today Zane had a big dentist appointment. He had to get a cavity removed and a crown put on. When I found out he would have to have this done I felt like such a failure, after all, it is my job at this time in their life to take care of their oral health. I hoped the dentist realized I do brush my kids teeth everyday. I spared him the details and said he would be getting that one yucky tooth super cleaned.

As we stepped into the office I was so nervous. Questions swirled in my head. How would he do? Would he be in pain? Would this traumatize him for life about going to the dentist? Would he be mad at me for lying if it did hurt?

Then it started, the drill made noise, the Novocaine was administered...
Zane did AWESOME! He didn't even flinch, not a complaint, nothing. He even thanked each of the tools for doing a good job. Wow, i was shocked. What a big boy he is becoming.

After it was all over he asked for a strawberry milkshake. You betcha buddy, anything you want!

Ta Ta for now

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