Pom Tea, YUMMM!

What a great marketing idea.
You peel of the plastic seal, pop the lid off, enjoy the drink, and then- Wow! look! It's a glass that you can clean, put in your cupboard and use again. I was so excited about the concept of a product that can be recycled in such a clever way. I know this isn't a new idea but they're the first company who's done this in a long time. Look at these neat ideas I found for it's use on the web:

Everyone could use a nice little vase, pencil holder, or a great homemade candle! Never mind it's use as a new cup.

Okay so about the drink. It's yummy good. So far, I have only tried the Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea , there are many other flavors. I can’t wait to try the rest! This one was delightfully fruity and fresh. The only complaint I have is that the lid is sort of difficult to pop off without spilling a little bit of the drink. Just be careful and be sure to steady the glass on a flat surface while you're opening it for minimal spillage. Also, take note these little buggers are not cheap. Keep in mind that it isn't a "throw away" bottle so that adds to the cost. Still, it tastes so good and I could use new glassware so I'll get a few more :)

Okay, enough product review for now. I didn't intend it to come out this way but it did so I hope you give it a try. Have a good day everyone.

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Tina said...

Will have to try one....