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The planning for Audrey's 4th Birthday is underway. I love planning both kids parties, it is so much fun. I was never a "girly-girl" and Audrey very much is. But, the older I get, the more I seem to like the frilly girl stuff. With that said she has chosen a Fancy Nancy party theme.

If you have a little girl these book are wonderful. Written by Jane O'Connor. They learn basic french words and see that everyone is unique in their own way. As her mother, I am so proud of her for picking a strong female from a book!!
Fancy Nancy is well, fancy (Duh!) And Audrey wants her party that way too. Fuchsia, glitter, diamonds, feathers, we're doing it all. I think our setting will be a french tea party.
I can't wait to see all of the little girls dressed up in gowns eating tea sandwiches and spilling fruit punch all over the place! If you're going to be around August 9th and have little munchkins come on by!

I am really getting into this party. It is strange since I was the little girl climbing trees and riding my bike all day. Yeah I had dolls too, but that was for days when I couldn't be outside getting dirty.
How can a persons likes and dislikes so drastically change over time? I am a grown woman and I am getting all excited about the new dress-up clothes the girls get to wear. It could be that as a mom we love what our kids love. But, more importantly we LOVE seeing them happy and excited. I could chalk this up to being a silly fun mom, but I really think I secretly like all this fluffy, glittery stuff.
Ssshhhh! Don't tell anyone about me loving the froufrou!

Now the tough part...Boys. What in the world should I do with Zane? There will be 3 other boys (brothers to the girl attendance) coming as well. One thing for sure is Zane is NOT into all this stuff. So what to do with them? If I don't keep them busy they will terrorize the party.
I know the boys will want to be apart of cake and ice cream. Who wouldn't? I am all ears for any suggestions, PLEASE!!
This planning momma is done for the evening. I am going to go watch a Disney movie with the munchkin (Zane) and mini-munchkin (Audrey).

Ta Ta for now


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