It's a Buggy World

This morning in the shower I decided I have had enough of bugs in the south! Why in the shower? Because I was trying to shave my legs covered in mosquito bites. It is quite a tricky thing to accomplish.

True, there are bugs all over the world, but sometimes it seems there are more in the south, and they're bigger! OK, yes there are probably more big bugs in the Amazon Rain Forest, but still...

I have never been bitten by a mosquito in some of the places I have been bit since living here. Did you know you can actually get a mosquito bite in between your toes, and on your butt? How in the heck did they get in my pants???

Everyday when the kids and I go outside to play we enter a bug war zone:

  • Watch your step for fire ants, Man those sting!
  • Keep your hand out first thing in the morning for all the spiderwebs (Yes I have walked into quite a few.)
  • Shake your head often so the gnats won't fly in your eyes.
  • Hit yourself repeatedly to swat away pesky mosquitoes who try to suck your blood!
  • Careful near the dirt because the "dirt bees" burrow homes underground.
  • Oh and look overhead for the wasps all over the place!

And don't even get me started about the weird freaky HUGE bugs that come out after dark!!! I love all that God has created, But... Do we need so many bugs in the south? Help me! I'm being eaten alive!

Ta Ta for now


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