A Dogs Life

I have introduced you to my hubby and munchkins in these blogs, but I have never introduced you to our furry friends who also reside under our room. (NO, we don't have rats!!) We are blessed with two silly dogs, each unique in his own way.

First let's meet Louise (a.k.a. Louie, Louby-Douby, Lou Lou Bear)
He is a Jack Russell Terrier
Louie was our "first child." We got Louie when we were living in Everett, WA in 2002 from an ad in the newspaper. He was born on a farm with dogs everywhere. He loves bananas, thanks to my late Grandma Gussie. He has a "small dog complex" he believes he is way bigger then he actually is. He runs the show. Not too much into the kids, but lets them cuddle with him. His days are spent looking out the windows, eating grass, and begging for food. He is sometimes referred to as Mr. Attitude.

Then there's Sammy (a.k.a. Sammy-Jam, Sam-Bone, SamSam)
He is a Boxer.
Sammy came to our family by chance. We got him when we first moved to Hartsville in 2003. Joe went to buy Louie some dog food and saw this skinny, scared, sick puppy at the pet store. He took me over to see him and I had to bring him home. He was the runt of the litter and was neglected because of that. He is very strong and healthy nowadays. Sammy is the dumbfounded wanna-be tough guy around here. His bark sounds scary, but truth be told he would only lick you to death. The kids love to wrestle with him, and he loves it! His days are spend sleeping everywhere, tackling Zane, licking the air, and sleeping some more. He is sometimes referred to as a Spazzoid.


I have always been a dog person and can not imagine my life without these guys, although... there are times they drive me crazy. Louie is so good at knowing when i have had a bad day and I just need some love. Sammy wants to play and make us laugh. We really do appreciate them both.

Ta Ta for now

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Tina said...

We love our "grand-doggies" and yes, they are crazy! Never a dull moment in the Rackley family.....