The Heart of a Boy

My son is obsessed with Star Wars, he dreams, talks, plays, acts out Star Wars everyday. I have listened to him hum the Darth Vader theme song about 1 million times. Trust me, it was cute the first 500 times...now, not so much. But, as far as kids TV shows and movies go I am excited he likes something I can enjoy with him. I have seen the movies, know the story line and can be apart of his fun. (Plus, it is far less annoying then the "Wiggles.")

Well, we had a tragedy last night.

We watched "Return of the Jedi" for the first time all the way to the end last night. Zane knows the story of his favorite character Darth Vader, like how he was once a good Jedi who went to the Dark Side. He never realized, however, that Darth Vader dies in the end.

Oh goodness, the tears came flowing down his cheeks. Poor little guy, he was so upset. "Why did Darth Vader die? I didn't want him to die! He's good now, he saved Luke! Why did he die?" I held him in my arms and tried to comfort him. It is just a movie, but to him it is so much more.

I remember the first movie I ever cried over, "Gorillas in the Mist." I was shattered by the way Gorillas were treated, I had never known the world could be so cruel to animals. As sad as I felt, it lit a spark in me at a young age to try and protect innocent animals. That passion has been there for many many years. What will Zane get from Darth Vader's death? What impact, if any, will it have on him in the long run?

He was very concerned about Darth Vader dying after realizing he needed to be a good man. If anything, I hope he takes that, to be a good person, to always do his best and live everyday to it's fullest.

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kate said...

Wow, very touching! I'm sorry to hear that he had to go through such a tough learning process, but I suppose they all have to endure it at some time or another. I am just glad that you were right there with him to explain it all and more importantly, to comfort him. Hope you're well!