Sunday Signspotting: week one

We all know that Sundays aren't very exciting. We finish up the chores not completed before Monday comes and kicks off the week. We relax with our families and enjoy just one more day of weekend. So I thought I would silly things up a little. Every Sunday I will put up a few pictures of funny real signs found around the world. Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i am simply surfing the net on various funny sign websites and putting them here for your viewing pleasure.

So here we go, my first installment of Sunday Signspotting:

The English language may not always travel well, but twisted translations can provide some of the funniest on-the-road experiences.

You never know when invisibility is going to strike. (Near Ngorongora Crater, Tanzania)

When you put it that way, it hardly seems like mugging. (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Discreet snickering is OK. (Pocatello, Idaho, USA)

I'll hold him down, you grab his sock. (Alameda, California, USA)

Is the penguin under the car in the lower left corner changing the oil? (Boulders Beach, South Africa)

Nothing quite captures the spirit of Easter - in Racine, Wisconsin, anyway - like a little handgun action.

Hope you have a great day everyone! I think I had more fun making the "Sunday Signspotting" sign at the top then i should have :) Oh well, On that note: Do something you enjoy today! Let me know what you think about this new Sunday tradition.

Ta Ta for now



Tina said...

Funny signs - made me chuckle! For me personally, Sunday is my favorite day. Thankfully for us, God himself showed us how important it is to set aside all the "stuff" of life for one day to rest and give Him thanks & praise for all He is to us and all the blessing we have. You know how you feel as a parent when a child finally says a meaningful "thank you" and perhaps recognizes a tiny piece of your life that you have sacrificed for them because you love them more then life itself? Well, I suspect that is how Our Heavenly Father feels each time we set aside our busy lives here to say "Thank you"!
So enjoy your Sunday....I know I will! I'll be thanking Jesus for my precious family and my lovely daughter who shares her love and life those all her beautiful words.....Love, Mom

Tina said...

I mean.....my precious daughter who shares her love and life through all her beautiful words.....