The men go for a haircut

This afternoon the men in the family needed to get their hair trimmed. So off they went to Florence because nothing in Hartsville is open on a Sunday. Audrey and I watched "Charlottes Web" and went for a dip in the pool. After awhile I noticed they had been gone for a long time! Where could those boys be?

The answer?
Toys R Us

Oh no, Joe and Zane in Toys R Us usually means $$$$$. Luckily this trip to get a haircut didn't cost too much.

So here are the kids newest things from Daddy:


Audrey dressed as Snow White, she LOVES how the dress makes her look when she spins around in circles.


Zane's new Wall-E robot. It dances, zooms around real fast ad talks in "Robot talk"


Two happy kids, who get WAY too much stuff, enjoying Daddy being home from work for once.

(Notice all the Disney placement in this post? I wonder if they'll send us free tickets to Disney World! Probably not, but just in case someone from Disney reads this we would be glad to except such a generous offer.)

What a cool deal: go for a trim and come home with toys. Goodness, I feel like I might need a haircut. I wonder what I could get out of this deal? I could go for some new sun dresses, or maybe a cell phone that works! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

Ta Ta for now

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kate said...

How Fun! I am glad that Joe got to have a little down time with Zane. I am sure that he really enjoyed having some special time with his dad. It sounds like you and Audrey had fun too! I ahve really enjoyed keeping up with guys! Hope you're well.