No Touching The Llama!

Gone are the days when singsongy-silliness reigned supreme in children's music. Now, a wide range of tunes for the little munchkins exists as we drive down the road. These great alternatives are climbing the music charts — and much of it is enjoyable for parents too!

During the school year we listen to the "XMK Animal Farm" in the morning. I honestly think I enjoy this children's talk radio show more then the kids do! The show is described as a “blend of family-friendly music, live interaction with kids, and character sketches." They play great music and we get to hear from the "animals" that live on the make-believe petting zoo. Seriously, if you have kids and are sick and tired of listening to crazy, silly theme songs all day, XM radio has a great alternative you will love.

The Animal Farm cracks us up with Bear E. White, the Bi-Polar Bear; Dirk, the 4th and Forgotten Chipmunk; and our favorite character, Lorenzo Llama. He lives in the petting zoo but HATES to be touched. He is usually heard shouting "Don't touch the Llama! No touching the Llama! No touching me!" Lorenzo is a little neurotic, but generally a good hearted llama. He still is having troubles with his spitting skills, and still attends classes regularly with the other llama's.

Here's a little transcript from Lorenzo:

*Kenny Curtis(guy who runs the farm)"I heard you let Dirk (the 4th and Forgotten chipmunk) hug you on the air. Does this mean your are now open to an occasional hug?"

*Lorenzo Llama "No. There is no touching the llama. Don’t believe everything you hear. The Chipmunk lies."

...The banter continues from there. It's one of those "you have to hear it to get it" kind of things. My mom listens to it through my cell phone since she doesn't have XM Radio.

The kids and I laugh and get to be silly in the car. It is a great way for us all to bond and enjoy something together. School starts August 25th for Zane and Audrey. I am actually a little bummed to have them go, we've had a blast this summer vacation with each other. But, I can't wait for our fun drives with Lorenzo Llama early in the morning!

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