Trying out the "Blog" thing

I have spent all morning trying to figure out this blogger thing, i thought it would be easy. I believe i am putting too much thought into it...hum, well we will see if i can get it going.

It is a nice and HOT 90 degrees today. Add southern humidity and I am dying!! We are unable to use our pool right now because Zane has the stomach flu (poor little guy) It wouldn't be fair for Audrey and I to go in without him. Today was supposed to be his first Tee-ball game but he needs to rest up and get better.

Joe is working as usual, not sure how he stays human with all the hours he works (sometimes i don't think he is human actually) Which leaves me in charge of the house. Same old stuff to do today as most days :

Entertain children
Let dogs out
Pick up after kids
Clean house
and try to get a few moments peace in there too

I know Joe wishes I would do a better job at picking up around here, I wish we had that robot maid from "The Jetson's" I think her name was Rosie. Would be nice. Well, i hope i can write things of interest, just the life of a mom making it threw another day.

Ta Ta for now,


Tina said...

Hi Sweetie! Love reading about your day and seeing pictures of "my babies"! Hope Zane is feeling better - sure hope you guys can still come for a visit. Have a nice day - Love you!

katieloo said...

Hi Liz! Great Blog!!! It really is such a neat way to share with friends and family your life in words and pictures!

It's so crazy, we like so many of the same things...and have such a similar life (your day yesterday is pretty similar to my routine!) we need to keep in touch more! This is a great way to start that...I'll keep checking back!