Is it me? Or is it me?

OK so what do you think about the new blog design??? I absolutely love it! I can't believe how much it looks like my personality all over the page. Pink Armchair Designs did an amazing job. On that note, let's get to blogging:

We have a new friend around our house. A turtle Zane has named "George". About a month ago he was found slowly walking through our front yard. After the kids and I checked him out and watched him walk and pock his head in and out of his shell we took him out to the woods and say our good-byes.

A few weeks went by and out of the blue there was "George" in the front yard again. How funny that he found his way back! So we repeated the same stuff, told him he was silly and back to the woods he went.

Yesterday Joe stepped outside on the porch and who do you think he saw in the yard? Yup, it was "George" for the third time! Soon we'll have to start feeding him. I can't figure out why he keeps coming back or how he is finding his way to our yard each time. If we are lucky enough to see him again I will take his picture for you all. Have a great weekend!

Ta Ta for now



Tina said...

Welcome Back George! Sounds like your turtle friend figured out all the fun is happening at the Rackley household!

Tina said...

p.s. LOVE the new design of your blog! You're SO creative, my dear! Love you bunches......

Anonymous said...

I love the new site... it looks GREAT! Definitely you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey how did you make this site? I WANT ONE!!!!