Sleepy Back Yard Adventures

The weather is great today, which should be a good thing , right? Well what it means to me is yard work, mowing, weed eating. If I don't do it today it will either be pouring down rain or too hot to breathe tomorrow.

I have decided to let the kids help mow, we'll see how that goes. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather do yard work out in the sun then stuck inside doing laundry and dishes. But, I am SO tired today. Not from simply being a mother of two very rambunctious kids but from my evening. Joe is still on night shift and that usually means the munchkins get to sleep with me in the big bed or camp out in the living room. They chose camp out. (What kid wouldn't?)

As they drifted off to dreamland in a little tent on the floor I stayed up too late geeking on the computer. Then I had to decide...Sleep on the couch near their pretend camp ground or tip toe to my comfy bed? The bed won and off I went.

Since children are born with a special radar that tells them when to wake up earlier then normal when mom went to bed late, Audrey woke up at 3am wanting to know where I was. She crawled into bed with me. Then at 6am Zane was up wanting to know why he was all alone in the tent. He crawled into my bed too. OK, so then the dogs felt left out and they too jump up on my bed. Close and cramped till 7:30am and I couldn't lay there with my eyes open any longer.

Back to the beautiful day outside... So a tired woman and her 2 small children will be using power tools and a lawn mower in about 15 minutes. This should be good, pray we don't take any trips to the ER or screw up the yard too much!

Ta Ta for now,


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