The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music...

After 8 years without a piano in my home, I finally have one!!! I am so excited. It is a 3 year old M-class Yamaha that has hardly ever been played, the sound quality is amazing, so clear.
My mom started me on the piano before I could even ride a bike, I grew up with a love of music and the piano started it all. Well, I am sure having a mom who sang on stage in church and a dad who is the best drummer ever had something to do with it too. When Joe and I were married in 2002 he promised that some day he would buy me my own piano and yesterday he made good on his promise.
As soon as it was in place I pulled out all my old sheet music and sat on that bench while my fingers played old familiar melodies. For me the piano has always been like poetry is to most people. An expression of me, or how I am feeling. It is putting your thoughts to music, a way to release the things you can't say with words. I know that this wonderful gift from my husband will be a HUGE stress reliever for me.
I plan to start Zane and Audrey with piano lessons soon. Probably with me as their teacher first until their minds drift off to "ignore mommy land" and then I will hunt for a good piano teacher in our area. I can only hope to give them the gift of music as my family did for me. For now I will be brushing up on my abilities and letting the kids plunk on it to get familiar with the keys.
Have I said how excited I am to finally have my own piano? Are you sure? I don't think I did... just in case, I'll say it again: I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE MY OWN PIANO!

Ta Ta for now



kate said...

Congratulations!!!! That IS really exciting! Unfortunately, I was never very musically inclined, although my parents did their best to encourage learning some musical instrument...the clarinet and I just never got along!

Good luck with the kids and have fun bringing music to life in your home!

Tina said...

It's beautiful Sweetheart! Tell Joe I'm going to give him a BIG hug when I see him.....Happy playing! Love, Mom

Tina said...

Great lookin' keys !!!!! Can't wait to hear some Elton or Billy.....Hey the blog the other day about the Rhino and the underpants...3 words..Bestselling Childrens Book !!!! Have fun Bungus !!! Love Dad-D-O