Take me out to the ball game...

Yesterday was Zane's first T-ball game, how exciting! I looked like such a dork holding the video camera in one hand and taking pictures with the other. There were 12 little kids in the splintering heat anxious to play. Joe was actually not working for once and was able to come. Good thing he came because the coach never showed up and Joe ended up doing it. We missed the first 2 games while in Charleston, apparently the coach didn't come then either. I wonder why he would have volunteered to do it if he was just going to bail. I feel bad for Zane's team. Every other team was out there warming up, learning how to throw correctly and catch, but here were our "Bad News Bears" lined up in the dug-out alone. You know this mom will be making a few phone calls today!! All in all the game went pretty good, Zane was the only "lefty" which he thinks is really cool. He loved chasing the ground balls into the outfield and getting up to bat. It is so fun watching Zane take interest in sports, and this dorky camera holding mom loves cheering him on from the sidelines too.

Ta Ta for now,

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kate said...

That is so great! I can't wait until my kids are of the ages to start participating in activities like that! How great that Joe was able to help out- I bet Zane was really proud. And how unique for him to be a lefty! There are many in my family, and as you probably already know, it says a lot about you as a creative and sensitive individual. Thanks for sharing this!