Sleeping Mommies

It is so amazing to me that women around the world with small children manage to function at all. I am not sure how many hours i actually got last night, maybe 3??? Who's counting? Every night at least one of my friends will have a restless night at their house and yet the next day there they are smiling being "mom" same as yesterday.

It baffles me because not too long ago (OK, a bit longer then i would like to admit) i was a teenager sleeping constantly. We all remember those Saturday's when our mom's would come in multiple times saying "Honey, it's time to get up, you can't sleep all day." Then as soon as she'd close the door the covers were back over our heads and off to dreamland we went. Nothing could wake a sleeping teenager on the weekend.
Now jump to last night...

8pm: Zane and Joe go to bed early, sleepyheads. Audrey and I stay up and play with puzzles for a little while, then off she goes to bed about 9pm.

10pm: I hear Audrey crying (I'm watching some late night movie on HBO enjoying "mommy time") She refuses to go to sleep alone since she knows Zane is in our room with Daddy, he is still running a high fever. I decide to sleep in her room, hearing a little voice in my head say "pick your battles"

midnight: Everyone's asleep but me, i am geeking on my Blackberry reading the news so i can feel like i am still a functioning member of society. Audrey's arm is on my forehead as she snores into my ear and repeatedly kicks me in her sleep.

1am: I can't take it anymore, I slip out of the tiny twin sized mattress in my daughters room and creep into my bed, OOoohh sweet comfy bed, i love you so much! then... "SSNNNOOORREEE, SNORE, COUGH, HACK, SNORE" Both daddy and son are apparently competing for the gold medal to see who can make the most noise. I am outta here. (but first, a cute picture of my baby sleeping with the dog to scrapbook!)

3am: Still awake, now sleeping in Zane's empty room with the door open of course in case Audrey sees i am not in her bed she will come out to investigate. off i go to sleep, finally.

5am: Joe wakes me up on his way to work "Liz, Liz wake up! Why are you sleeping in Zane's room? Want to come back to our bed, I'm leaving for work" Thanks honey now I'm awake again.

6am: Totally passed out in my comfy, need to get washed sheets.

7am: "Good morning Mommy!!!!!!!"

Ta Ta for now,

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