My Country Bumpkin

My daughter is so funny, she has fallen in love with one of my husbands fishing lures. She named him "Shrimpy" (it's a hookless rubber crawfish). She caries it around, pushes it on the swing, and makes a bed for it at night. This is how you know when your kids might be country bumpkins. When one of their best friends is a fishing lure. :o) Shrimpy had an accident today, one of his claws broke off!

It really was quite tragic. Audrey was upset and didn't want to play with shrimpy until I fixed him. How in the world was I going to fix a rubber fishing lure??? I decided to let Audrey be the Doctor, all she asked for was tape.

After pulling off most of the tape from the roll she was set to start Shrimpy's surgery. This was getting very interesting, notice the serious look on her face.

After wrapping the tape around her little friend and getting his claw to stay in place, she needed to check out her handy work.

Looks good. I think Shrimpy has lived to see another day! Thank goodness, I wasn't quite sure what to do if he didn't make it. Should we have given the little guy a funeral? Did he need a shoebox casket? I guess those questions will someday need to be answered, but for now Audrey and Shrimpy can continue to play together on the swing set.

In case you were worried, Shrimpy is healing quite nicely. He is enjoying a movie with Audrey, with his claw propped up on a pillow of course.

Ta Ta for now


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Tina said...

This is the most adorable story......I love the pictures of Audrey and her determination to fix "Shrimpy". Perhaps it's time to save some extra money in the college fund for we may have a doctor in the family in the future! Love You - Mom