A Week of Learning

This past week the kids and I loaded up in the car and headed for Charleston, SC (sorry I haven't posted, been relaxing). My mom signed the kids up for "Nature camp" and they LOVED it!

They learned how caterpillars change into butterflies, which snakes are good or bad, how to respect wildlife, and all about blue crabs. Each day when I came to pick them up they were exhausted from all the fun. Zane held a real live crab, and my little Audrey even held a King snake. I was so impressed with this summer camp, if you happen to be in the Charleston area over the summer with small kids check this out!

We had a great week down at my mom and dad's house. Lots of swimming in the pool and riding in Pa Pa's golf cart too. I took the kids to Splash Island one afternoon. It's a cute little water park perfect for little one's, small slides and never too busy so I don't have to worry about my babies getting lost or knocked over by big kids.

Back home now, let the vacation laundry begin! I think we will make today "PJ day" so we can lounge around in jammies and do some housework, play our new Indiana Jones LEGO video game, relax, and enjoy each other.

Ta Ta for now,

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kate said...

Liz- how great!!! It sounds like you got the opportunity to catch up on some time for you, and the kids had the chance to experience something they wouldn't have at home...very cool. I bet it was hard to get in the car and head back home (with the exception of wanting to see Joe of course!). Hope you're laundry isn't getting the best of you!