Prayers are needed

Good evening,
Things here at the Rackley house are rather quiet. Audrey and Zane were at Vacation Bible School tonight and Joe is working night shift. Mommy alone with the computer for 3 hours!!! So I started reading my friend Kate's blog. Then I checked out the blogs she reads and ran across a link to this page


I sat here at the computer reading about a beautiful baby girl named Cate with a heart problem. This is the fathers blog as they await her recovery from major surgery. Every entry is filled with prayer needs, scripture, sorrow, and tears. Please go by and read about this family and put them in your prayers. We need to remember what a gift we are given from God by simply being healthy everyday. Thank You God for the gift of healthy children, and please help baby Cate and make her well.

Ta Ta for now,

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kate said...

Thanks Liz, this is the magic of prayer...and spreading it to as many people as you can WILL help make a difference!