That Darn Puppy, Ice Baths, & More

So I get home from my fabulous vacation and what do I find? A super sick puppy :(

Jackson has a very bad bacterial infection throughout his large intestines and colon. Guess how he got it? From being over stressed at the doggy kennel! I was shocked, and also felt terribly guilty. After all, I put him there so I could go on vacation! He is quickly getting
better and is enjoying all the medication (since I give it to him in bites of cheese, ha ha)

Everything is falling back into place, well everything except my workout routine. It is so hard to have a system that works then summer break comes and messes it all up. Throw in a few family vacations and BAM! You lose focus. I am determined to keep the weight loss going, I am half way to my goal. Still sitting pretty at 183. School will begin August 3rd and all will go back to normal.

Here's an interesting thing I've learned about summers in the desert. NO COLD WATER!! None, zip, nada...

Each night when I give the munchkins their baths I have to add ice cubes just so they can stand it! How crazy is this?? The cold water pipes are hot from being exposed to the warm temperatures so no cold comes out, meaning Scolding hot water no matter what. Yup, that's my mini-munchkin playing with Ice in the tub!

I hope you all are enjoying the sun and heat, if you need some let me know and I'll send some of ours your way :)

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...



kimert said...

Sorry to hear the the pup is sick! Hope he recovers 100% quickly!
Love the pic of your little one! The look on her face is priceless. Too funny about the ice cubes though.

Kelly said...

I hope Jackson recovers quickly! Once school starts and you are back into a regular routine, I am sure that your exercise routines will fall back into place!

Our pipes were underground, so the cold water wasn't hot, but it definitely wasn't cold either. I loved fall when the cold water started to feel cool again!

Cherie said...

Oh no - that is no fun having the pup sick. I have to kennel mine for a few days soon and I am not looking forward to it. Hope she doesn't catch a nasty thing.

What a crack up that you have to put ice cubes in your kids bath water. It totally makes sense but is crazy at the same time!

lov said...

ice in the tub! that is too funny!

and poor puppy....being stressed out!
i would have thought the kennel would have been like a vacation, but i guess not!

valentine said...

that is a hilarious face! i have never heard of cold water baths, do you do it on a hot day to cool down?

life is hard in the summer, all schedules and routines just fly out the window.

Anonymous said...

Your poor puppy!!! Wah!

I can't believe your water is that hot, yowch!

blueviolet said...

Your puppy is so stinkin' cute. Poor little one.

She sure doesn't look too unhappy about being given an ice bath! :)

JAN'S PLACE said...

poor pup.. now you have me worrying as we are going away for afew days .. Friday..have my daughter dog watcher in charge.. so they should be OK..it is very warm here as well.. so don't send us your extra heat!

Bath time can be dangerous without ice..so is that a "bath on the rocks" ...you know like a Margarita!?

Anonymous said...

Just the other day my son asked me why the cold water was hot. Had to explain to him that its just hot all over the desert right now. I'm ready for a ice cold bath myself!

Keep cool and I hope the puppy is better son.

He & Me + 3 said...

We could actually use some of the warm weather. It has been a bit chilly this summer here in Michigan.
That is crazy that there is no cold water.
Hope puppy is back to normal soon.

Melissa said...

O Lizzie you are funny! I sure hope that cute little doggie of yours will get better quickly!

Bonnie said...

The whole no cold water thing is just strange..lol, but then I am Canadian and live in a frozen state for 8 months of the year.

Glad your back, it was nice to see your comments on my blog.

E @ Scottsville said...

Yikes, we're dealing with HOT HEAT here in Texas, but at least we still get cold water. I mean it's not "cold" like COLD, but it's cool still.

Poor things!

HOpe Jackson recovers quickly.

Martha in PA said...

I hope Jackson gets better quick. I think Princess had the same thing.. it had a super long name though, but it was terrible. It too happened after Tara and I had been away just OVERNIGHT and we had a PET SITTER in our house. The vet said it is many times stress related and could re-occur. She's have unrelated surgery next Wednesday. I hate when our "babies" are ill!

dood1ebugs said...

I still can't believe the water thing. That is too crazy.

Susan Campbell Cross said...

So sorry your puppy got sick. Once I sent mine to a kennel and he got kennel cough in spite of our having made sure he got bordatella nasal vaccine at the vet prior to going. It happens! Don't feel badly--I am betting your dog is so glad to see you that he won't hold it against you that you had to leave for a while.

Crazy about the hot "cold" water. Great idea though to add ice cubes!

Carrie said...

Aw...poor puppy :( Skipper did that his first time in a kennel, he wouldn't eat his food and lost weight, but now he's much older and seems to do just fine! Glad he's getting better!

Wow, no cold water...something we take for granted! That's incredible! I never knew that!Hope the ice helps their baths!

ModernMom said...

Aww. Poor baby!
And cubes in the tub! Not for me!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a boxer owner. You've won me over!

silverhartgirl said...

I hope your puppy get better soon. he looks so cute.
I never new that about water in AZ. That is so intersting.

Reluctant Housewife said...

No cold water? Wow. That's so interesting.

I live in Canada and we sometimes run out of hot water... especially in apartment buildings and thing where there are multiple families sharing one water heater. But no cold water? Never.

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! I would never imagined no cold water.

Poor baby, don't worry yourself too much. Our dog freaks out and tries to chew out of kennel when we leave for an hour to go shopping.

I finally have caved and started the workout regime. I'm absolutely disgusted. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to knock me of course.

I still cannot believe yoru kids go back August 3rd, and I thought August 26th was early.