What This Mama Loves The Most

First and foremost, too all the moms out there...Happy Mother's Day!

What does being a mom mean to me? Patience, understanding, caring, sometimes even a bit of frustration. But most of all it means unconditional love forever. I was so amazed at how fast I fell deeply in love with both my munchkins the second they were laid in my arms for the first time in the hospital. I didn't grow up around a lot of little kids, I was an only child. I was worried I wouldn't "get it." How wrong I was. I can honestly say I never understood unconditional love until these two came into my life.

My munchkin, my oldest, my boy... He is 100% little boy, scares me to death on a regular basis with his dare-devil antics and his willingness to go all out in an instant. Wow, he has taught this mama about a lot of things over the years: Transformers, Star Wars, falling and always getting back up, but mostly that boys (men) have such strong emotions as well, they are just as caring as a woman, well... when they want to be :)

My princess, my baby-girl, my drama queen... she is a girly girl to the core. I never knew someone could own so many dresses! All that patience I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I learned that from dealing with her, ha ha. She can bring the drama for sure. But she als has such a sweet softer side that I am blessed to see often. She has taught me about loving diamonds, spinning with a big skirt on, Dora The Explorer, but mostly that we are all human. We hurt sometimes and we need to reach out and ask for help, someone will always be there to hold your hand.

On this mother's day I hope you reflect back on what your kids have taught you. You'd be surprised what you've learned over the years, I know I was :) Have a great day!

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Carrie said...

Oh so sweet, and so true! I see things so differently with my kids' perspective! What a wonderful post! Alex has a sensitive side and just knows when to say the right thing to make it better :) Boys can be sweet, too!

Love the pictures!!!
Have a great day!

kimert said...

Sweet pics!!! :)

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What a great post about being a mom! And btw... CONGRATS on the weight loss. I'm impressed (and jealous!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Lizzie! Your kids are adorable and I can tell deeply loved! So precious. Happy Mother's Day!

American in Norway said...

Such a sweet post... makes me want to run home & hug my babies... : ) Hope you had a great mothers day! : )

Martha (FL) said...

Your kids are beautiful. Love the pictures. I hope you had a great mother's day.

About that brownie pizza.... I don't need to be eating it either, but it looks sooo good!

Anissa said...

How sweet and so was your post. Your kids are beautiful.

kate said...

I loved reading about your inspiring time as a mother! Your children are beautiful and full of such amazing spirit and love of life- just like their mom...I know, I know, so cheesy! I hope your mother's day was wonderful Liz!

Anonymous said...

your kids are very lucky to have YOU.

sometimes i don't want them to grow up, i'll miss their little arms hugging me and their little voices in my ear.