Wordless Wednesday, Packing

Today my hubby & I have been in full gear. We finished emptying the attic for our move. This is how my sons room looks now... Poor kid. Don't worry, we aren't making him sleep in here on top of all the boxes :)

Ta Ta for now



KC said...

UGH I hate packing.. looks like you have done very well at it.. when is the move? when ever it is good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

So then is he sleeping under the boxes?

Tina said...

"Calgone take me away"! You're probably to young to remember those commercials. Anyway, 13 days and counting...hang in there!

Anonymous said...

the attic...uggh. isn't it crazy how much "stuff" you actually have or forgot you had.

good luck with the move. and breathe, just breathe.