The Movers Have Arrived

Today is D-Day, the movers are packing up our home as I type. Yes... I am stealing a few seconds before they disconnect my internet, who wouldn't? So in honor of moving day here are some funny pictures I came across. I hope our movers are a bit more professional!! :) Talk to you all soon!

I love how smiley the driver is hauling his load

notice the bed at the very top?

I've seen this one before, I think the caption was "Your ass is over loaded."

How is this even possible?

Goodness, remind me never to complain about carrying a full load from the laundry room again!

Alright people. I am outta here. I hope you all have a great week. If you don't see any posts about the move in the next few days, it must be because we are staying in a way too cheap hotel with no free Wi-Fi. You can picture me tired, curled up on a ball going through internet withdrawal. See you on the flip side.

Ta Ta for now



Anonymous said...

Lizzie, good luck, I hope the move goes smoothly.

Even in the midst of chaos you are cracking us up.

Traveling mercies~

KC said...

Good luck Lizzie, I hope it all goes smoothly.

Mom24 said...

Hope yours are much, much better! Good luck.

Tooj said...

Those pics are great. LOL Thanks for the laugh this evening. I'm popping through from SITS.

Elena Clemons said...

You're coming west! Good luck with everything and may your stuff arrive in one piece. Look forward to the next posting.

Anonymous said...

Poor jackass...and poor donkey in the picture too.

Kelsey said...

Good luck Lizzie!
Hope the move goes smoothly!!

You have an award waiting for you here when you get back.