A Geeky Christmas

As you know, every now and then my inner geek shows herself... This is one of those times :) I ran across these super fun Christmas cards yesterday and HAD to share them with you. Here are a few of my favorites:

This one if hard to read, it says "Oh, I am SO Blogging about this."

I had Christmas cards... before the move happened, now I fear they are somewhere in the depths of the box filled garage. It was just a photo card of my little family, nothing fancy. Maybe since mine are lost, I'll send one of these, ha ha.

Do you have your Christmas cards ready yet? Do you send cards? Are you one of those people who send a nice lengthy newsletter about the past year?

Ta Ta for now



Anonymous said...

We don't have ours ready yet-but it's usually a 'family photo'-no newsletter.

Mom24 said...

I always mean to do well, and fail miserably. This year, I'm not even trying--no cards.

Anonymous said...

We've never done the family picture thing. One year I sent a photo card of my daughter but since then it's been the cheapest cards Wal-mart has to offer. Newsletter? I'd rather shoot myself in the foot.

Getting settled ok? Besides the missing Xmas cards? And the chinese food Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

Uggh, haven't even thought about card and already it's December 1st tomorrow.

I love the blogger card. It's priceless.