Road Trippin'

12 days and counting till the big move! My mom and I were talking about how stressful prep work has been for this move. Amazingly difficult on some things (like customer service utility calls), way too easy on others (like my hubby getting the perfect job!). I remember moving many times as a kid, and even as a young adult... without kids, husbands, dogs, etc. it all seemed so easy to "pick up and leave." I am learning that moving an entire family is something completely different. *sigh*

I can't wait to hit the open road!

I LOVE road trips!!! I have driven across the US twice and have done many partial trips. The best part is seeing the scenery change from state to state. It really makes you appreciate everything this wonderful country has to offer. We will have a big trip this time... South Carolina to Arizona.

I am so excited about this part of the moving process. I hope my kids enjoy it too. My goal is to let them have limited "electronic time" (you know, DVD players, Video Games, all that stuff) and actually learn something about the US along the way and enjoy themselves.

Part of our trip will have us cruising down old Route 66, this will be my favorite part. I've found fun little 60's theme diners to stop and have a "Blue Plate Special", and funny road side attractions to keep us entertained during those LONG hours on the road. I really do hope there isn't too much whining and complaining while we drive along the US highways. If they enjoy it as much as I do, maybe we can make family road trips an annual family event. We'll see...

I am just hoping for no sibling fighting in the backseat along the way. Any advice on road trips with young kids?

*Stay tuned for road trip nightly updates once we hit the pavement!*

Ta Ta for now



Kelsey said...

wow you're brave! The longest road trip I've ever done was from FL to Washington DC in fifth grade with all my classmates. Never Again.

It sounds like you guys will have fun! Take lots of pictures (not that you need reminding haha) and for backseat fighting tips, um I suggest bribery and punishment, such as "We will stop this car right here and let you WALK to the next state." It used to work on my brother and me ;)

kate said...

For our 12 hour trip to the Outer Banks this summer, I bought tons of little dollar toys (yoyos, mini books, race cars etc...) and put them along with a hershey kiss or fruit leather etc...into about a dozen or so paper bags. Ever hour or so, I would "suprise" the kids by handing them one of these bags. They were so excited to open each one up and see something new each time! Just an idea....I will e-mail you a list of things that movers won't pack, sorry I have been meaning to do this for days now!~!!!!!

blkitalianpride75 said...

We have traveled from Connecticut to Florida in the car and the kids were pretty good, just alot more pee breaks then I would take it I didnt have avy kids with me!

Tiffany said...

I'm visiting from SITS. Good luck with your move. You hava a great attitude and that will take you a long way! My kids really like when I pack up some craft type things for them. I put crayons, craft sticks, pom poms, pipe cleaners, masking tape, stickers etc in a ziplock bag and let them create. The masking tape is fun for them and comes off the car, so it's not messy. They also like glo sticks from the dollar store for when it gets dark.

{Ashley B} said...

wow! good luck with the move. i live in az and can't imagine packing my two kids that far your way! i loved road trips as a kid though. so many neat things to see! can't wait to hear how it all goes!
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Mom24 said...

I wish you luck. It sounds like you have really planned well. I love the Route 66 ideas.

I wrote a post last spring about what we do to survive car trips, if you're interested, it's at: http://4evermom.blogspot.com/2008/05/works-for-me-wednesday.html

I can't wait to hear more about this exciting time in your life.

nikkicrumpet said...

We moved from Utah to Massachusetts so I know what you mean by a long roadtrip! You're going to love Arizona...but it is so totally different from where you live...what a shocking change! When my mom and I took my kids to Disneyland...We started the trip by giving each kid a roll of dimes. They were told that each time they fought or got whiny we would take away one dime. At the end of the trip any money they had left was their's to spend. It worked GREAT! Good luck on your move...and DRIVE SAFE!

Meaghan said...

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TattooedMinivanMom said...

We were always alotted a certain amount of "are we there yets" or "how much longers". I recommend you do the same.

Have fun though! I love driving back and forth to Vegas with my kiddos. Especially now that they're a little older.