Day 2

Holy cow, the drama started today! We've traveled 700 miles so far, and my back sure feels it. Let's see here... Today I decided a few things:

1. The Georgia state tree should be changed to a construction cone.
2. Men in suits with GPS thingy's LOVE to ride my butt on the freeway.
3. Memphis, TN has the most confusing freeway interchanges on the face of the planet!

The kids are doing an amazing job keeping busy and happy while traveling. (Thank God for that!)

So today was L O N G. We managed to get lost twice. I took some great pictures from the road, unfortunantley no hotels we are staying at offer free internet and I am too cheap to pay. So the pictures will have to be posted once we get to Arizona. This post is once again from my cellphone. (Darn you tiny cellphone buttons!!)

Tonight our hotel is a super fun Holiday Inn somewhere in Arkansas. They have a weird fish in the lobby that watches you as you walk by... It freaks me out. I hope to sleep for many many hours and wake up refreshed for more of the same tomorrow :)

I love getting your comments while road tripping, it gives me something to read at rest stops. Keep'em coming, I swear I will reply and comment back once I'm at a real computer.
Nighty-night everyone!!

Ta Ta for now



Cindy said...

Hey Y'all,
Hope it's warmer there than it is here! Its freezing here!!! Bill turned on the gas logs tonight... we usually don't need them until January. Sounds like you're on a big exciting adventure traveling to your new home. Please drive safely with all those idiots on the roads. . Gotta go and get Claire in bed . . I'll be back later... miss you lots. Oh one more thing, Claise watched 101 Dalmations and said it reminded her of Zane and Audrey.

blkitalianpride75 said...

Glad to see the kids are doing well, sometimes it isn't easly driving long distances with the little ones!!! Be safe, and I will chat with you soon!

KC said...

Road trips are fun for a bit, but after awhile you just need to get out of the car and stay out for a day or so..
Hope the trip tomorrow is a good one. and hope you get by a real computer soon, can't wait to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

All right Arkansas. Glad the kids are hanging in there. Will almost make you relieved to have a home again huh?

Glad it's going okay and you're not driving around lost somewhere.

Tooj said...

Those gps guys bother me too!

Elena Clemons said...

Hello -- you're in AR? I've driven on your path many countless times, and I promise the view gets better around OK, then it takes a dive in the TX panhandle, and doesn't improve much until around Santa Rosa, NM...then you hit our beautiful mountains and big blue skies! Enjoy the rest of the roadtrip...watch out for some of the weird truck drivers who may try to make a 'connection' with you while hubby is asleep & you're behind the wheel. I've got plenty of weird truck driver stories. Love hearing about your road trip! Take care, Elena