Day 3, Travel Pictures!!!

Today was not too exciting, lots of road, rest stops, semi-trucks, and hay fields...

I started getting a horrible stomach ache this after noon that is still bugging me tonight. It makes the long hours on the highway seem to drag on. My son had a great quote today I wanted to share, there was no build up. he just felt the need to tell me this:
"I can't play the ukulele, but I can shake my butt!"

Aren't kids fun? I finally made it somewhere with internet access! YIPPY! Here is a little photo montage from the road trip so far. There will be more to come later.

The kids are ready to hit the road!

Atlanta skyline as I drive by too fast :)

Doggy pit stop!

A neat old barn next to a gas station

The mini-munchkin being cute from the back seat

My view for the last 1,200 miles... Following my hubby's red truck

Ta Ta for now


6 fabulous comments:

Yaya said...

Awwwww!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!

Tina said...

Great to hear the family adventures and thanks for the pictures! We miss you already!!DRIVE CAREFUL & remember truckers can be your friends on the road.

blkitalianpride75 said...

yay! Great pics!!! I cant wait to see more!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Aw, what wonderful pictures!!

Gee thanks hun for taking the picture of me while the doggy poops! (or so MY husband wouold say!)

Love the barn picture-gorgeous!

The kids, just adorable!

Queenie Jeannie said...


Sorry! Couldn't resist! So dang girl, where are you going?? Are you going east, or west?

Living in GA, I agree 100% on the construction cone comment!!

Hang in there, you MUST be getting close by now!

Kelsey said...

Pretty pictures!
I can't believe you're driving all that by yourself, you're brave!

Good luck, almost there, right?!