I'm Cool Awards, first edition

Everyone seems to have an award or button thingy they made on their blog... I wanna be cool too so I decided to make my own.

I created this award titled "I'm cool because... Lizzie said so" And once a month I am going to bestow it upon the person I think needs/deserves/wants it the most, or comments up the wazoo on here :)

The first recipient of this awesome award is SPOILED MOMMY! Come down and claim your prize!!

Now, there are rules to claiming this extravagant prize. Spoiled Mommy you have to pick your favorite post that you ever wrote and send me the link, I will put it on my blog for the world to see! (OK, maybe not the WHOLE world... but almost.) Send it via e-mail, or comment the link here.

I have chosen Spoiled Mommy because she has had an amazing week! Her daddy came home from serving the last year in Iraq read about that here. But she also has the most adorable kids that inspire her great photography skills on a daily basis. Go check her out!

Stay tuned for next months award winner, it could be you!

Ta Ta for now



Mom24 said...

Great idea! Good for you. I'm off to *meet* her.

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Awww shucks....Im blushing over here!!
Thank you so very very much for my kind award, I feel so darn special!

Wow-my favorite post, eh? Hmmm I will have to give that one some thought!!

Idol is on NOW around here....hmmm, Im biting my lip so I dont give away anything for ya!!

Pam said...

Awesome award lizzie!!!!!!