American Idol... Group 3

What a night! I really struggled to pick my favorites, so many people did good. Sorry for no pictures of the contestants this time, I am getting ready to go get my hair done and am short on time :) Here's the breakdown:

Von Smith: I love Marvin Gay songs, not sure if Von had enough "soul" to pull it off though. He sounded more like a cruise ship singer then an American Idol contestant. I liked his gray suit.

Taylor Vaifanua: She is so pretty. Unfortunately her voice was very shaky during her performance, it sounded a little weak. But WOW on those leather leggings!

Alex Wagner-Trugman: Was he wearing Van high tops? Awesome! He sang 80's Elton John, great song choice, he didn't do it very well though :( Bye-Bye Alex.

Arianna Afsar: LOVE that ABBA song! It's one of my all time favorite songs, she gets points for that. What power in her voice. She did great, I disagree with the judges completely.

Ju'not Joyner: One of my favorite guys from the auditions. I really enjoyed his version of "delilah." His voice is sensual and sweet, loved it!

Kristin McNamara: Her voice is so strong and mature. I liked her performance, One of the best so far into the night. She has a great smile too.

Nathaniel Marshall: Good Lord, is he still wearing headbands?! *ugh* I was a huge "meatloaf" fan in the 90's. I closed my eyes and listened... He sounded OK, can't complain.

Felicia Barton: Who's she? Talk about a shock, how was she not put through the first time? She did a great job, another good song choice for the evening. I loved her outfit.

Scott Macintyre: I love him. What an amazing spirit he has. I'm completely on board for Scott to go far in this compatition. He isn't the best singer, but he warms my heart watching him sing.

Kendall Beard: She absolutley reminds me of Martina McBride, good thing she sang one of her songs :) Small girl, BIG voice, sounded real good. could have taken a bigger risk though.

Jorge Nunez: Odd song choice for him. I'd rather him sing more latin songs. He is so humble and sweet. His mom was so cute, tears in her eyes and so proud.

Lil Rounds: What is her real name? I loved her dress. She has an amazing voice, she had great control through out the song. I thought she did super.

OK... So who are my top 3? WOW, this was hard this week, I liked 5 people. But, I can only choose 3 so here goes:

1. Ju'not Joyner
2. Scott Macintyre
3. Lil Rounds

(if I could pick one more it would be a toss up between Kristen McNamara & Felicia Barton)

What did you think??

Ta Ta for now



whereismymind said...

La, la, la, la, la, la, la... I'm not listening... I have the last several episodes Tivoed and have yet to catch up... I'll come back and give you may take once I've done that.

nikkicrumpet said...

I enjoyed the show....until they did the wild card...and put through TATIANA!!! I HOPE THOSE JUDGES GET A BAD CASE OF HIVES!! How could they do that to us again!!!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

i cant believe they put tatiana back in...grrrrr!!
as far as group 3 goes, i didnt really have a favorite there.
but i am so happy that 2 of my 3 faves are back!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not 'in to it' yet.