American Idol... Results & Wild Card Selections

Group 3 winners are as follows:

Jorge Nuñez

Scott MacIntyre

Lil Rounds

So who's in the Wild Card show tonight? I'm so glad you asked! Here you go:

Anoop Desai
Jasmine Murray
Jesse Langseth
Matt Giraud

Megan Joy Corkrey
Ricky Braddy
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro
Von Smith

I am SO glad they brought Anoop, Matt, Megan and Ricky back!

But should we discuss the elephant in the room? TATIANA? wwhhhhaaa??? Is it her amazing vocal range, her great clothing style, her wonderful humble ways that got her back on the show? Um, no. American Idol chose her for the Wild Card show simply because she's drama, she is ratings, she brings the people.

I can honestly say she does make it interesting. Who do you hope will make it through?

Ta Ta for now



♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Oh and the Von guy...he annoys the CRAO out of me!! YuCk!
Yeah Tatiana is a Singia, or the she bangs guy...drama!

fraizerbaz said...

I was appalled when Tatiana made a huge display the night she was voted off the show... she was not exactly a gracious loser, was she?

fraizerbaz said...

Anoop rocks... did you see that look on his face at the very end of the show?