American Idol... Top 10

This evening we heard the music of Motown. It was a fun show, Simon & Paula seemed to be flirting up a storm. I loved how Paula gave Simon a coloring book since he was acting like a child! OK, let's get right to business...

My 2 favorites for the evening were:

Allison Iraheta: She rocked the house! "Papa was a rolling stone" was a great song choice for her. I hope America sees how talented she is and keeps her in this competition.

Adam Lambert: Again he surprised everyone, this time with a sweet, soft ballad. I am glad he didn't make it too funky and stayed true to the Motown vibe.

Now for who might be at risk of leaving, Megan Corkrey or Michael Sarver. They both are good, just not good enough in my opinion.

OK everyone, your turn! Who did you love, who did you not love?

Ta Ta for now



Jennifer P. said...

those were the 2 I loved too! This was the first week I got to watch an actual episode instead of just the results show. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

My picks too!

American in Norway said...

Will wait a few years until this season makes it over here... *sigh*

fraizerbaz said...

I went to bed too soon and missed Adam's performance! :-(

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

I like Megan...I do I do!! But I dont think she is going to stay around for long.
I didnt like Adam and to be honest Im still on the fence about him BUT I do think he did good last night. I think if he could if he would mix in the way he looked las night w/the punk look he always does it will be a better combo.
I missed a few people but thats what I thought about what I saw!! ;)

Ann said...

I really like Adam! I think he has a good chance of having a great career if he wins.

I'm also liking Matt. He reminds me a bit of Justin Timberlake. (I couldn't believe he was in the bottom 2?! It was time for Michael to go. He's adorable and a fine singer, but it was time.)

I'll catch-up on your thoughts next week. (Yeah! An A.I. buddy! :-> )

Coffee Maker said...

they saved the best for last this week -- Adam, Danny and Allison, all in a row