I'm a Lucky Weirdo!

My bloggy buddy, Stacey over at 4everMom tagged me to share seven of my weirdnesses (yes, that's a word 'cause Stacey said so!) with the world.

So here we go, seven weird things about me:

1. I talk to my dogs in a baby voice, "ooh, you're so cute, little puppy-wuppy" I wonder if they like it, or if they are constantly thinking "what is wrong with this lady??"

2. The intro to "Top Gun" is the best 5 minutes in movie making history! (according to me)

3. I don't like donuts, not that it helps my waistline in the least, I find plenty other sugary snacks to fill up on!

4. I would be totally content being cut off from civilization as long as I had internet access and my family.

5. I can not stand sneakers. I hate wearing shoes, period. Can't I just be barefoot everywhere?

6. My singing voice is terrible, but I still bless those around me with the drowning cat sound that comes out of my mouth. Why do I torture the one's I love so much?

7. I willingly watch kids cartoons with my munchkins. And, I enjoy them :)

There you have it, more weirdnesses about me. Now time to play tag...

I'm going to leave it up to you, if you would like to play along link back to me and share your weirdnesses. Please let me know if you play along so I can read about how weird you are, then I'll know I am not alone in my strange little world. Have fun!

Ta Ta for now



Mom24 said...

That's funny, I wonder what my dog thinks when I talk to her too.

I love Top Gun. I'll have to check out the first five minutes. :-)

I love, love, love doughnuts, but I would be much better off if I didn't!

I completely relate to being OK with being cut off as long as I had internet/phone.

Over all, you're definitely not weird. Interesting though. :-)

Yaya said...

Okay, NOT ONLY do hubby and I talk to the pets in a baby voice, but we've also created individual personas for each animal and act out conversations between them! Okay, wow, I have way too much free time, huh?!

jen said...

it drives me crazy that Em's talks to the animals in baby voices then i actually stopped and listened to myself. uggh, sickeningly sweet.

and i too could cut myself off from civilization. many days.