Favorite Things (video style)

Today is my birthday and I decided to share some of my favorite things YouTube style :) Be sure to pause the music player to the right before starting the video clips. With out further delay... Let's head off to the video world and discover what makes Lizzie happy!

Jane Austen is my hero, I love Pride and Prejudice

Dancing Star Wars Characters, need I say more?

You gotta Love old school Paula Abdul!

Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends is one of my favorite new shows. (watch cartoons much?)

Hope you had fun taking a video tour of things I like :) Hope you all have a great weekend.

Ta Ta for now



Mom24 said...

Those were great! Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday. Doesn't it make you wonder what happened to Paula Abdul? Great videos.

Anonymous said...


Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday Lizzie!!
Hope it was wonderful.

sarah said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had a fabulous day!

You're not going to believe this, but while I was doing dishes today I totally started reminiscing on who were the pop stars of my time...then I instantly thought of Paula Abdul...then I wondered what was the raciest thing that she did...and of couse I thought of this video...weird eh? Great minds think alike!!!

jen said...

I missed your birthday!


Hope is was just a little bit peaceful.

Wishing you goodness this year!

fraizerbaz said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was special!