Sunday Signspotting: week twenty one

My kids are on the countdown to Christmas around here. Every 5 seconds I hear "is it Christmas yet? can we open a present? did Santa come yet? how much longer?" AAaaahhhhhh it's making me crazy! They have a calender that even shows how many days are left till the big day, but still... the questions continue. I remember bothering my parents with the same questions when I was little so I guess they'll get a taste of their own medicine some day :) OK, enough rambling. Here's your weekly dose of funny:

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i just put them here for your viewing pleasure.)

All images used with permission of signspotting.com

Come for the food, stay for the waiting.
Picture: Kevin Goold

Sounds like a fairly standard family car trip.
Picture: Amanda Stewart

Here’s a pretty drastic entry requirement for a Buddhist temple.
Picture: Gina Flaharty

A disconcerting sign for any public transport user.
Picture: Ralph Samuelson

We only sell the fleshest food.
Picture: Thomas Burford

I've heard of a poker face, but this is ridiculous...
Picture: Ian Robinson

There's no doubting this hawker's honesty
Picture: Byron Broadstock

Ta Ta for now



Queenie Jeannie said...

I love that you do these every week! We're sick...so a lil behind in my blogging.

Anonymous said...

Genuine Fake Watches? I think if you confuse people enough they believe you.

nikkicrumpet said...

LOL I love the one where they poke you! Gee I'll get in line for that! As always...good laughs!