Sunday Signspotting: week twenty

(Please be aware that I did not take these pictures, i just put them here for your viewing pleasure.)

All images used with permission of signspotting.com

Give me two flaming whiskers and a burning beard.
Picture: William Adams

They didn't start waddling until you overfed them.
Picture: Peter Franklin

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.
Picture: Skot Latona

Emergency services are temporarily suspended until the salmon run is over.
Picture: Bill Rhodes

They don’t call it a safety ladder for nothing. Or... perhaps they do.
Picture: Branson Dunn/Signspotting

When you've finished feeding the fish, please use your arms to help raise yourself up to your knees before placing your weight on your feet one at a time.
Picture: Janet Bischoff/Signspotting

Looks like these clever canines will just have to confine their play to the links.
Picture: Pat Lucas/Signspotting

Ta Ta for now



Kelsey said...

So there IS a right way to feed fish. Usually I just stand and throw the food, guess I'm doing it wrong.

Anna Lefler said...

It's increasingly difficult to find a place to take my golfing dog off leash.

They get even touchier when I let him drive the cart.

~ A.

TattooedMinivanMom said...

I am so sick and tired of dog prejudices. In fact, I'm dog tired of it.