The Gingerbread House That Could

Last weekend we went to a cute little tree lighting party in our new neighborhood. The kids had a blast. There was a gingerbread house making station and my munchkins went straight there.

After these lovely homes were made there was a catastrophe... The mini-munchkins house fell apart. Now normally this would have been no big deal, but we are talking about my very dramatic little girl here. This small issue turned into a HUGE meltdown: screaming, tears, red-faced crying. Needless to say, no one wanted to talk to the "new people" with the crazy child and frantic mother!

A few days after this event we came across a kit for making spectacular ginger bread houses at the local grocery store. I decided to get it and hopefully put that cute smile back on my mini-munchkins face. This kit was AMAZING!! If you all remember, I am culinarily challenged, and look what I was able to make!

It's a miricle I tell ya. and it didn't even collapse *shocking* Yay for us!

The kids had such a good time "helping mommy" make the ginger bread house. And by helping I mean eating all the candy that went astray and licking frosting off of every possible surface in the kitchen :) I think they are going to be sticky for a week!

I just love Christmas, and I think making gingerbread houses will be a tradition we do every year, now that we found a way to make everyone enjoy it.

Ta Ta for now



fraizerbaz said...

Awww, bless her heart! I'm glad the GB house worked out the second time around though. Hope all is well in the new home! :-)

Mom24 said...

Poor little girl.

I'm so glad you found a kit. I wish I could find a nice one. Jacob and Julianna are begging to make a gingerbread house, but I don't really feel comfortable putting the money into the candy, etc., this year.

Glad you're settling in, at least a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Ummm....yeah....even WITH the kit I still have a heck of a time putting one together! One walls up, the other falls down, yada yada yada!

Anonymous said...

Every holiday season a place by us does a HUGE gingerbread house display with about 50 different displays that people make-I mean super impressive stuff. It's awesome!

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

I swear Im going to get one of those kits!! I saw them in Walmart and passed it by, then OHmommy talked about it and now you...so I.MUST.GO. and get one!
How adorable yours turned out!!

IM glad you were able to bring happiness back to that beautiful face.

Kelsey said...

Great house!
I'm pretty darn culinary challenged and even with a kit can't seem to make a good one. The gingerbread always tastes a little strange too. Needless to say, I stopped trying to do them!

It looks like you guys have a great new tradition.

jen said...

I HATE doing crafts at things like that. I avoided that table at the school this week at the Santa party. There's always like 200 kids and not enough supplies and like what happened they end up destroyed.

But that one you guys redid was ROCKIN'.

Great job!