It's That Time of Year Again!!

I love the Christmas season. The house looks so warm & cozy decorated with red, green and gold all over. The kids are on their best behavior anticipating Santa's arrival. Oh and the smells! sugar cookies, festive candles, chimney's burning firewood, gingerbread houses, and the chill in the air. 

What is your favorite part of this magical time of year? 

I will admit I have one thing that I don't enjoy... The crowded malls and shops! My goodness, people can be vicious out there. This makes me get my Christmas shopping done early so as to avoid the crazy people that come out of the woodwork, ha ha. 

Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...


Melissa said...

Cute Cute cute!
Merry Christmas to you too Lizzie!

Mom24 said...

They've grown so much! Very cute.

Isn't it sad that I find it hard right now to say what I love about Christmas??? I guess I would say the way my children love it.

kimert said...

awww a blog post! I've missed you!;)
Love the pic of the kiddos. They sure look beautiful!
My fave part of the holiday season is the week or more I get off of work! I am SO ready!!!