My Grandfather & His Flags, Revisited

*This is an old post I wrote awhile ago, seemed fitting for today. Enjoy :)

Memorial day weekend is once again upon us. I always reflect back on those who have fought for my freedom. I also think of my Grandpa John. He had so much respect for this nation, it's soldiers and it's flag. He understood what it meant to live for ones country. He served for and loved America.

Every year he'd drive his golf cart to the local cemetery and place hundreds of flags on every single grave belonging to a service man. Even as my grandfather got older and walking became more difficult, still there he was every memorial day. He knew what those men and women had sacrificed for him and he was sure not going to let anything get in his way to honor them.

I learned so much about honoring ones country from him growing up, even though he never sat me down and told me anything about it. Just by simply doing what was respectful, by acting on what was right I learned so much. The phrase "Actions speak louder than words" is so true here.

Every morning he would raise his flag up that tall flag pole in his front yard, and each evening he would lower those colors back down. It was (and is) disrespectful in his eyes to leave the red, white and blue out in the rain, the cold, the darkness. Even to this day, if I leave my flag out, or a corner touches the ground I feel so bad.

On this coming memorial day I hope you take a moment and thank those who helped make this country what it is. One thing I know I will be doing is passing a tradition onto my kids, heading to my local cemetery and placing flags on graves with my children. I know my Grandpa John would love to be alive and going with us, I'll place an extra one out there for him.

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...


Queenie Jeannie said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!!

Sara Tano said...

What a great story! And a beautiful tradition to teach our children the importance of remembering and respecting those who fight for us everyday and to honor and cherish those who put their life on the line. Thank you for sharing an old post again for new eyes! How beautiful!

B said...

thank you so much for sharing! wish i had been able to read this yesterday!

Kelly said...

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it. It is a wonderful tradition to share with your kids.

Teena in Toronto said...

What a nice tribute!

Happy blogoversary :)