Is It Summer Yet??

School is on it's last week for the kids. Their excitement is cracking me up. I remember counting down the days as a kid for school to be out. 20 more days left! 8 more days left! 3 MORE DAYS LEFT! I must have driven my mom crazy.

Last summer the kids had a great community pool within walking distance, the summer before we had our own above ground pool, this summer... nothing. What will my water babies do?! I'm such a spoiled brat when it comes to water. I have always had a pool, or lived close to the beach, or had a best friend with a pool :) Not sure how we'll survive. Yes, I am aware I'm whining, sorry.

So what am I going to do to keep us all entertained when the sun is hot and boredom has kicked in?

We have a few trips planned, the biggest being to Disneyworld, and a couple little trips to visit my parents. Other then that we'll be at home. My goal is to not let the kids get sucked into the "boob tube." I really don't want their brains to turn to mush from staring at the screen for 15 hours a day. Oh, trust me, there will be days when i'll say "just go watch the TV for goodness sake!" But what will I do during the idol times? Hum... I think this will have to be my most creative summer yet. I'll let you know what we do to keep busy, once I figure it out that is.

Have a super fabulous summer everyone!

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...

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kyooty said...

Water Gun Fights 2pm daily!!! just after the highest UV index has past.

I'm hoping to get each of mine in 1 week long day camp per child. It depends on what's available.

I'd love to put 1 in a week long camp too but we'll see,
Summer rocks! we will also head to the beach. I just have to find the sunscreen :)
A deck of cards is always a good thing.

Mom24 said...

You know, we were laughing last night because our 7 and 9 year old were playing in the 1 foot deep, 5 foot in circumfrence baby pool we still have. They had a ball. I'd look for some type of a backyard pool--for a hundred dollars or less you could get something that I bet they'll have a ball with.

I'm sure you'll all rise to the occasion. I think I'd give up my membership to our pool if we were going to Disney. lol.

Good luck.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no not the summer boredums. I need some help with that too. Hard to keep them happy and busy all day.
Disney sounds so great. We want to go too. Maybe next year for us.

Have a beautiful Memorial Day!