So Not Dead, Living Actually!

Yes people, I am alive :)

There hasn't been any catastrophic events, nothing new...

Just living life.

The mini-munchkin is LOVING her new gymnastics class. I am very glad I was able to find a new studio she could enjoy :)

I have been volunteering a lot at the kids school. Who knows how many years they will want me there, so I'm doing my best to enjoy it while it lasts.

My 1st grade son decided that kissing mama good-bye was no longer "cool." I'm heart broken.

Football is still going strong. My hubby is having a blast coaching and meeting new people. The munchkin is doing a great job as the center.

We are looking into the possibility of moving back East, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

By "back east" I mean South Carolina, not the same place we moved from, somewhere far more exciting!

Weight loss update: at a stand still, BUT not gaining :)

I wish you all a fabulous weekend, off I go to enjoy life some more.

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...



kimert said...

Girl, I was thisclose to emailing you!!!! I have wondered where you've been. SO glad you are just out and about and enjoying life!!! :)

Mom24 said...

Glad things are good. Isn't it funny how hard it can be to keep up with blogging while livin' life?

South Carolina sounds like an exciting opportunity. I hope things go well.

blueviolet said...

I wanna be mad at you for not being around, but how can I? Living life is a good, good thing! And you're having a blast!

kyooty said...

glad to see you living!!! YAY! for not gaining that's great.

Martha in PA said...

Glad things are going well, and you are just busy! SC is WAY closer to Phila than AZ!

Kelly said...

Living is good! Though I have missed you!

Good luck with the decision and the new possibilities!

He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy, but a good busy and that is all that matters. Cute pics. Love the one on the bars. Gymnastics is such a cool sport. Hope she does well.
I will take no gaining anyday. Keep at it.

Sarah said...

If I end up having kids with my BF they will HAVE to be in gymnastics. We will have the shortest kids imaginable (he is barely 5'7" and I am a measley 5'2").

Cherie said...

Glad all is going well. You've just been busy and happy with your family and that's what it's all about.
You'll have to fill us in more on North Carolina - Never been there but I hear it is beautiful!!

Have a GREAT week!


Bonnie said...

I saw you on twitter once in a while. I've been too busy to read blogs so hey don't feel bad.