But, what do you do all day? Everything.

"What do you do all day?"

"I bet you guys just play and play"

"Do the kids really learn?"

"Must be nice to be lazy all the time!" 

These are a few of the things I've heard since we started homeschooling. People are genuinely curious, I don't mind. There's many more regular comments, some very nice and some not so nice. But I wanted to tackle the ones that pertain to our average day. What the heck do we do all day?! First of all, we are BUSY. Always. Nonstop.

My day:
I wake up about 7:00am. This is the quietest part of my day. I don't move a muscle for fear of waking the dogs and having to march down stairs to take them out for the morning. I let this quiet still moment last as  L O N G  as possible.

7:03am My son walks into my room. quiet time over :-/

 I cook breakfast about 8:00am. I can't cook to save my life, but I do have scrambled eggs down. After everyone eats I try to get in a workout while the kids watch a TV show or read a book.

School work starts between 8:30-9:00. The first thing we do is a Bible lesson together. Currently the kids are learning about the Israelites conquering Canaan and Gods promise to them as they sought out the promise land.

After bible they move on to their grade level core classes (Language Arts, Math, Science). Each one is different, catered just to their learning style. And it is NOT easy work, we haven't "dumbed things down" since they are schooling at home:

My son is in 7th grade and working on Pre-Algebra. His ELA is very grammar intensive, and science has more labs in 3 weeks then he saw in 4 years of public school.

Learning isn't just online, on the computer or in a book, there's a little bit of everything.

My daughter is in 6th grade. Her ELA this year is very focused on writing skills, proper sentences and more essays then she'd like. Her math is standard 6th grade work, and her science is pretty fun. Today we were looking at skin cells through a microscope.

History they do together. They are doing a neat curriculum that combines History, Literature, Geography and Bible studies all in one. It's a lot of work, but they love it.

LUNCH TIME! Yes they take breaks :) I am usually busy grading papers, or trying to deal with normal everyday tasks at home (laundry, dishes, dogs, etc.) lunch is something easy. Today it was microwave burritos. Thankfully they love them, haha.

After a bit of a break to play outside or goof off somewhere else we get back to business. My daughter is learning french, just like her mama. And my son is learning Greek (his choice, not mine, I can't help him at all!) Then there's penmanship to help with good handwriting and music. In and amongst all this schoolwork they are learning life skills, today we made cookies. Ok, so they weren't "homemade"... whatever, don't judge me, I haven't had time to even brush my hair yet today!!

After schoolwork is done then the fun really begins. *sarcasm*

  • Football practice at the local middle school (I think it's pretty cool that my son can still participate in public school sports) 
  • Ballet
  • Children's Community Choir
  • Piano Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Art Classes 
  • Community Service Volunteering
  • Church Youth Group
  • Orthodontist Appointments
  • Mommy losing her mind
  • Mommy buying stock in gasoline companies
As most moms in the afternoon, I become a personal taxi service driving from one place to another and back again. Thank goodness for smart phones with calendar reminders to keep me on schedule and know whats coming next. There's no way I would remember all this on my own.

I used to finish the end of a long day with a glass of wine, lately I have been too tired for even that. I usually get home, put my feet up and dream of the time I can finally crawl into bed. About this time, my husband comes home and I think "Crap! I forgot about dinner!!" Sorry honey. Last nights amazing meal: My husband had a bowl of popcorn, the kids had sandwiches and left over rice, I had a burger slider and some popcorn. Wow, I am telling you, we are some healthy eating people.

No but really, sometimes we get a good home cooked meal with everyone sitting around the dinner table. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. Looking around at my wonderful family, thinking of the busy day we've had and all we've learned. It's a chaotic life, but it is truly a blessing.

And THAT is what we do all day :)

au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time...


Melissa said...

sounds perfect to me! You are blessed Lizzie and have a beautiful life.

Anonymous said...

This blog was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something that helped me.

Thank you!