To Stay

I love my house. It's perfect for our family. We're a little quarky so a log cabin with character makes sense. I like when a persons home reflects who they are. Like when dogs look like their owners! 

(see! it's perfect!)

But then another house distracted me, and I started to doubt how much I loved mine.

"Oh! Shiny and new! More land! Closer to town!" I started to think things like "If we had THAT house we could do ... or we could have ... and we could always do ... " It made my current home seem not so great. I lost sight of what I had. 

Reality Check:

I am blessed! 

Sure our home isn't perfect, but nowhere is. We have to make it perfect for us. My family and I decided our silly home in the woods was worth keeping and sprucing up. Now the fun part! We made a plan to update a few things and add some things to make it better for our lifestyle. This experience shed a new light on it, now I'm excited. New isn't always better, sometimes you are right where you need to be.

This is so much like life. There are many many times when I get distracted and lose sight of what's really important. I get caught up in insignificant things. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the rear to get back on track. 

What has you distracted lately?

God bless, au revoir, adieu, ciao, till next time... 



Tina said...

How right you are my dear!

Tina said...

Very true words you write Liz. Why is it so easy to get "sidetracked" from being content? I constantly tell myself how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family and good health and a loving husband....WHAT MORE IS THERE!!! xoxo